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“Cutting Garden Kits” will be available for pickup in mid-May

We are sold out of Dahlia Tubers for the season!

Sea Change Farm & Flower Dahlias

This year we grew 48 different varieties of dahlias, with a total of about 700 plants in our field. We’ve definitely been bitten by the dahlia bug! We choose varieties that are well-suited to being cut flowers because of their productivity and/or unique shape or color.

We’ll have about 20 varieties available in the tuber store.  The rest we’ll reserve so we can build up our stock next year.  Some of these varieties will be offered in very limited amounts, so if you have your heart set on something in particular, set an alarm!  Flower growing has become a competitive sport.

Dahlias are one of the most rewarding flowers to grow!  Because they’re starting from a large tuber rather than a small seed, they grow quickly and vigorously.  They aren’t too bothered by pests.  The blooms are fantastic, and you can save and divide your own tubers next year to make the investment worth it.

I’ll be including a “Guide to Planting Dahlias” with each tuber order we ship in the spring, so if you’re looking to bring some color and beauty to your garden, why not try dahlias?

Happy Shopping!