Dahlia Tuber FAQ

When will my tubers ship?

All dahlia tubers will ship in the spring, around April or May when the weather is warm enough that they will not freeze in-transit.

Can I get my tubers any earlier?

At this time, we are only shipping tubers in the spring. If you opt for “Local Pickup” in Accord, NY, we will be in touch about when in the spring you can stop by to pick up your tubers.

I had a dahlia tuber in my cart and then at checkout it said “sold out” 🙁

The way the online store works, items in your cart are not reserved for you until you checkout. Sorry!! It’s entirely possible that the same item could be in multiple shoppers’ carts. To ensure you can get the dahlias that you want, we advise you to proceed to checkout quickly, and not leave tubers in your cart too long.

What is a dahlia tuber?

A tuber is like a bulb made by a dahlia plant as it grows. It looks kind of like a sweet potato. The only way to grow the exact same dahlia variety as another grower is to plant a child tuber from the original plant. At Sea Change, we only sell dahlia tubers that we grow ourselves, using organic growing methods in our no-till fields in upstate NY.

I’ve never grown dahlias before! Can I still buy tubers?

Not to fear! We will send out a “Guide to Growing Dahlias” in the spring with every tuber order. Dahlias are one of the most rewarding flowers you can grow, and we highly recommend that you give them a try if you are curious 🙂

What about dahlia virus?

We do our best to ensure that you are receiving beautiful virus-free tubers from our farm. We strive to eliminate dahlia virus from our dahlia stock by aggressively following the “when it doubt, pull it out” rule. We also clean our cutting tools in between harvesting from different dahlia plants during the season, and in between dividing tuber clumps in the fall. If you think you’ve been sent a virused tuber, please email us at flowers@seachange.farm!

What if my dahlia tuber isn’t viable?

We do our best to ensure that every tuber we sell has at least one eye, which will allow it to grow in the spring. If you think you’ve received a tuber without any eyes, or that is otherwise damaged and not viable, please email us at flowers@seachange.farm!

How much is shipping?

We ship via USPS, starting with a small flat-rate box priced at $8.30. If you are ordering over a certain number of tubers, shipping will increase from there, to a maximum of $15.05 for a large flat-rate box.

I live near the farm, can I pick up my tubers instead of paying for shipping?

Yep! You can. Simply select the “Local pickup” option at checkout, instead of selecting USPS shipping. Local pickup will happen in the spring in Accord, NY. We will be in touch about when exactly you can come pick up your tubers.